Fishermen’s stool

I made a fish­er­man’s stool to take with me to the riv­er. I turned and drilled the wood, cut and stitched the kan­ga­roo leather, wet-mold­ed the ‘pock­ets’ for the end of the wood to go into, and when I’d fin­ished, I sat down gin­ger­ly to try out my new cre­ation — BAM!! — I fell right through it, tear­ing the leather apart with my fat arse.

So I over-engi­neered this one to last a long time, and bear my 100kg girth. It uses a very thick cow leather instead of kan­ga­roo, has web­bing straps stitched along the edges, and is cop­per-riv­et­ed and stitched around the riv­ets for extra support.

Materials used: Buckles, Copper rivets, Cow leather, Tasmanian oak, Tripod bolt, Webbing