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Great Ocean Road Winter Tour Day 4: Apollo Bay to Lorne

I was awok­en at var­i­ous times dur­ing the night by the sound of cows moo­ing in the fields on the oppo­site bank of the Barham Riv­er. What nor­mal­ly might have been irri­tat­ing was actu­al­ly and per­verse­ly quite pleas­ant. I even­tu­al­ly rolled out of my sleep­ing bag just before 08:00, and imme­di­ate­ly packed up my gear, tent and bike and got moving.

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Great Ocean Road Winter Tour Day 3: Lavers Hill to Apollo Bay

I left Lavers Hill this morn­ing in heavy fog and light rain, but with good spir­its as I rolled eas­i­ly down the hill, savour­ing the ear­ly morn­ing smells of wet for­est, the ghost­ly gums fad­ing into and out of the fog, and gen­er­al­ly enjoy­ing being on my bike in the out­doors. At the bot­tom of the hill I stopped to take a pho­to of a kook­abur­ra on the side of the road, and as I checked my GPS to see what kind of inclines I had await­ing me today, I noticed some­thing ter­ri­ble: I was on the wrong road!

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Great Ocean Road Winter Tour Day 1: Warrnambool to Port Campbell

I spent yes­ter­day soak­ing and unwind­ing in the Deep Blue hot springs at War­rnam­bool with my part­ner Danielle, and it was a beau­ti­ful day of rest and relax­ation before tack­ling the Great Ocean Road.

Today start­ed off just as nice and calm, as we had a break­fast in the hotel’s restau­rant before check­ing out at 10:00, and rid­ing my bike up to Logan’s Beach to meet Danielle at the whale watch­ing look­out (she drove after drop­ping by the super­mar­ket to grab me a replace­ment lace for my shoes). Here we saw a South­ern Right Whale moth­er and new­born calf frol­ick­ing in the shal­low surf.

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Roaming around Wodonga/Albury

My part­ner is a crim­i­nal bar­ris­ter, and a few times a year she under­takes cir­cuits, where she trav­els to a region­al court and works there for 3–4 weeks. Some­times she’ll come home on the week­ends, some­times not, depend­ing on the dis­tance from home. This year her Wodon­ga cir­cuit has run for the past four weeks, and I’ve joined her for this last week to spend some time togeth­er rid­ing around the area, both with her and on my own.

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My first fishing outing for 2021

Today was a nice sun­ny day, only 14°C but it feels like 20-some­thing. I could take it no longer: I had to get out. I haven’t fished since ear­ly Decem­ber 2020 due to my back issues, so it was refresh­ing to get the spin­ning rod out and hit Lake Wendouree.

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Murray River Day 4: Torrumbarry to Echuca

This morn­ing I woke up to the nicest morn­ing yet. A beau­ti­ful sun­rise was shin­ing through the trees and across the riv­er, light­ing up a wedge-tailed eagle in her nest in the tree direct­ly above my tent. Com­pared to the wind of last night it was a beau­ti­ful tran­quil scene.

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