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I love read­ing. As a kid I could not read enough, but in my ear­ly adult years I fell away from books some­what — I still read but not near­ly as reg­u­lar­ly. In recent times I have joined my local library and start­ed fill­ing my book­shelf again, and I am infi­nite­ly hap­pi­er for hav­ing done so.

If you’re inter­est­ed, here are the books I’m read­ing now, have read recent­ly or want to read in the future…

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The Escape Artist

by Jonathan Freed­land

In April 1944 a teenag­er named Rudolf Vrba was plan­ning a dar­ing and unprece­dent­ed escape from Auschwitz. After hid­ing in a pile of tim­ber planks…
His­to­ry, Non-fic­tion, War
Pub­lished by John Mur­ray, London 
 in 2022
5, Could­n’t put it down
Bicycle Diaries

by David Byrne

An enchant­i­ng cel­e­bra­tion of bike rid­ing and of the rewards of see­ing the world at bike lev­el, this book gives the read­er an incred­i­ble insight…
Bike tour­ing, Trav­el
Pub­lished by Faber & Faber Limited
 in 2009
4, Good book

by Dylan Alcott

Dylan Alcott has nev­er let his dis­abil­i­ty get in the way of what he want­ed to achieve. In this ful­ly updat­ed edi­tion of Able, which…
Aus­tralia, Biog­ra­phy, Sport
Pub­lished by Harper­Collins Australia
 in 2019
3, Ordi­nary book
So Sad To Fall In Battle

by Kumiko Kade­hashi, 梯久美子

The Bat­tle of Iwo Jima has been memo­ri­al­ized innu­mer­able times as the sub­ject of count­less books and motion pic­tures, most recent­ly Clint Eastwood’s films Flags…
Biog­ra­phy, His­to­ry, War
Pub­lished by Pre­sidio Press
 in 2007
5, Could­n’t put it down
Syria’s Secret Library

by Mike Thom­son

The extra­or­di­nary sto­ry of how the besieged Syr­i­an town of Daraya found hope and inspi­ra­tion in a secret under­ground library. Daraya lies on the fringe…
Inter­na­tion­al affairs, War
Pub­lished by The Ori­on Pub­lish­ing Group
 in 2019
5, Could­n’t put it down

by Ran­ulph Fiennes

An author­i­ta­tive biog­ra­phy of Sir Ernest Shack­le­ton from polar adven­tur­er Ran­ulph Fiennes. In 1915, Sir Ernest Shack­le­ton’s attempt to tra­verse the Antarc­tic was cut short…
Explor­ers, His­to­ry, Non-fic­tion, Polar explo­ration
Pub­lished by Pen­guin Ran­dom House UK
 in 2021
4, Good book

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