My part­ner is a crim­i­nal bar­ris­ter, and a few times a year she under­takes cir­cuits, where she trav­els to a region­al court and works there for 3–4 weeks. Some­times she’ll come home on the week­ends, some­times not, depend­ing on the dis­tance from home. This year her Wodon­ga cir­cuit has run for the past four weeks, and I’ve joined her for this last week to spend some time togeth­er rid­ing around the area, both with her and on my own.

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Planning a tour of the Apple Isle: Tasmania 2022

With inter­na­tion­al bor­ders closed (for Aus­tralians, any­way) until god-only-knows-when, and a nice local trip look­ing very attrac­tive as an intro­duc­tion to tour­ing for my part­ner Danielle, we’ve been plan­ning a Tas­man­ian East Coast cycling trip for a few months now. We’ve out­lined a nice 15-leg route that will take us 13–14 days in total rid­ing, across per­haps three weeks (giv­en rests and sightseeing).

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“Tell ‘im he’s dreamin’!” Dealing with lockdown boredom by prepping for Europe

Vic­to­ria is cur­rent­ly in our fourth COVID-19 lock­down, and I find myself sit­ting inside, on a chill but sun­ny Sun­day after­noon in late autumn, prepar­ing for a Euro­pean bike tour that might nev­er even­tu­ate, but even if it does, cer­tain­ly won’t for quite a few years. So why both­er plan­ning it at all? Well, pri­mar­i­ly the answer to that ques­tion at the moment is: I’m bored shit­less. But I also need some­thing to look for­ward to.

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Spinal Injury & Recovery

Back on the bike and about to wet a line again!

The past fort­night has been a big change from a recov­ery per­spec­tive, some things have regressed a lit­tle and oth­er areas are rapid­ly improving.

The pain has regressed some­what. It was to be expect­ed as I low­ered my nar­cot­ic lev­els that the under­ly­ing pain would sur­face, but it has been hard to go back­wards in areas like sleep. On the oth­er hand, my trip to the phys­io­ther­a­pist cer­tain­ly paid div­i­dends and I have been able to help out more around the house, which with a trou­ble­some teenag­er reluc­tant to con­tribute, has been a good thing for our fam­i­ly dynamic.

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Making my mother proud at my university graduation ceremony

Although I fin­ished my bachelor’s degree and was award­ed my tes­ta­mur (cer­tifi­cate) in Decem­ber, I had my actu­al grad­u­a­tion cer­e­mo­ny today out at the Mt. Helen Cam­pus of Fed­er­a­tion Uni­ver­si­ty. Present with me were some unlucky fel­low grad­u­ates who fin­ished theirs at the end of 2019, forced to wait for their phys­i­cal cer­e­mo­ny for a year and a half due to COVID-19.

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Book Cover of Batavia by Peter FitzSimons

Reading Batavia by Peter FitzSimons: Makes Lord Of The Flies seem tame

Batavia is the amaz­ing true sto­ry of a trea­­sure-laden flag­ship of a fleet owned by the Dutch East Indies Com­pa­ny (Vereenigde Oost­indis­che Com­pag­nie or VOC). The Batavia and its accom­pa­ny­ing ships embarked on a nine month jour­ney to Batavia (known today as Jakar­ta, in Indone­sia) in 1628–29, on a mis­sion to trade in the lucra­tive exot­ic spices that shaped that era of explo­ration and ulti­mate­ly changed the world. Tragedy befalls the ship and its crew before they reach their port of des­ti­na­tion, and may­hem quick­ly ensues amongst a crew of des­per­ate mis­fits and malcontents.

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Spinal Injury & Recovery

Surgery success

I’m very hap­py to report that my surgery on Wednes­day went very well, and I’m now recov­er­ing in hos­pi­tal. I’m quite sore, but up and walk­ing with help, sit­ting for…
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Spinal Injury & Recovery

Surgery on my spine

It’s been a very tough few months. As I post­ed back in Jan­u­ary, I’ve been suf­fer­ing from severe low­er back pain symp­toms, and last Fri­day my sur­geon rec­om­mend­ed I under­go a spinal fusion surgery today.

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Mus­ingsSpinal Injury & Recovery

‘Staying in here’: What to do when a ‘rainy day’ turns into months

So I love the out­doors, this much is obvi­ous. Whether you’re read­ing my blog for the first time, or have been hang­ing around for a while, I think it’s safe to assume with a blog called Get­ting Out There that my hap­pi­ness in life involves being out­side. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, in late Novem­ber 2020 I injured my spine, her­ni­at­ing my L5/S1 disc.

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Graduating with my first degree at 38

I nev­er went to uni­ver­si­ty after high school, elect­ing to instead enlist in the Roy­al Aus­tralian Navy. So in 2016, after a few dif­fer­ent career paths, I decid­ed to under­take study at Fed­er­a­tion Uni­ver­si­ty in Bal­larat as a mature-aged stu­dent. I had no idea how much this new jour­ney would chal­lenge me, and how much I would gain from it. It tru­ly changed my life.

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