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Today was a nice sun­ny day, only 14°C but it feels like 20-some­thing. I could take it no longer: I had to get out. I haven’t fished since ear­ly Decem­ber 2020 due to my back issues, so it was refresh­ing to get the spin­ning rod out and hit Lake Wendouree.

I had a big day yes­ter­day, and I was alone, so I took it nice and easy. I made sure not to bend/twist/lift any­thing, only went with a rod and some lures in my pock­et, and though I had a land­ing net dan­gling from my belt, if I had hooked up I was pret­ty cer­tain I’d have to delib­er­ate­ly drop the fish, rather than bend down to land it.

But all that is sec­ondary and unim­por­tant. The impor­tant thing is I got out there, and I feel great already.

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