I made anoth­er run out to Creswick today, tak­ing a slight­ly dif­fer­ent route to avoid a long grav­el sec­tion of road­work, and tak­ing in a bit more of Pootil­la — what a great name eh? — and Wat­tle Flat.

It was also the first chance I’ve had to field-test the Jakroo cycling bib that arrived on Fri­day! They look fan­tas­tic, and impor­tant­ly, are heaps bet­ter in the com­fort depart­ment, and I hope to be able to get a good shot of them whilst I’m wear­ing them on my next ride to show you guys. They real­ly made a dif­fer­ence to the ride and I’m sold.

I met my part­ner and daugh­ter in Creswick for a cof­fee and then head­ed back. When I first rode this dis­tance just a month ago, it was the far­thest I’d ever rid­den. I’ve since pushed that mile­stone out to 60km with the Ballarat–Skipton Rail Trail ride, then to my first 100km on 24 April when I rode to Beau­fort and back.

It was nice to reflect dur­ing my ride how far I’ve come in just a month, and I decid­ed to try and aug­ment my train­ing with some off-bike phys­i­cal activ­i­ty. I’m going to try and hit the gym a lit­tle, though I’ve always hat­ed gyms, and might even try some pilates and/or run­ning (if my doc approves!) to try and strength­en my core and ensure I don’t hurt my back again.

This post first appeared at bikeitinadress.org

I have since retired the bikeitinadress.org web­site as it is no longer need­ed and was cost­ing me mon­ey. I have copied the key arti­cles here.

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