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The past fort­night has been a big change from a recov­ery per­spec­tive, some things have regressed a lit­tle and oth­er areas are rapid­ly improving.

The pain has regressed some­what. It was to be expect­ed as I low­ered my nar­cot­ic lev­els that the under­ly­ing pain would sur­face, but it has been hard to go back­wards in areas like sleep. On the oth­er hand, my trip to the phys­io­ther­a­pist cer­tain­ly paid div­i­dends and I have been able to help out more around the house, which with a trou­ble­some teenag­er reluc­tant to con­tribute, has been a good thing for our fam­i­ly dynamic.


My phys­io­ther­a­pist rewrote my rehab plan, slow­ly tran­si­tion­ing away from the basic move­ments I have been doing since the surgery and sub­se­quent rehab, towards more core strength and flex­i­bil­i­ty exer­cis­es. His name is Stu­art Cana­van and he comes across as both mild-man­nered and high­ly com­pe­tent. He analysed my walk­ing stride and told me to walk taller, and swing my arms more to avoid lat­er­al move­ment and wad­dling like an old man, and I noticed an improve­ment in both my pain, and my men­tal atti­tude, imme­di­ate­ly. I have since adopt­ed this very upright pos­ture and con­scious­ly made every effort to main­tain it, and I have absolute­ly seen the ben­e­fits of doing so in the sub­se­quent week and a half.

A return to cycling

I  was also giv­en per­mis­sion to resume cycling, albeit indoors only (which I am not at all unhap­py about: I am nowhere near ready to hit the road). I have set myself up with a Zwift account and a cheap basic indoor train­er from Aldi — after many thou­sands spent on surgery I am in no place to buy a fan­cy Wahoo smart train­er. I do have Garmin cadence and speed sen­sors that work with ant+, so I have used these. I had a fun first ride on it the oth­er day, just feel­ing out the capa­bil­i­ties, and I reck­on it will do the trick. An added bonus of using Ser­e­na, my Surly Disc Truck­er, is that the front rack and Wald bas­ket is per­fect for hold­ing my lap­top, with a bungee strap for added safety.

My bastardised garage Zwift setup

First completed Zwift course

I rode the Lon­don Clas­sique route today for 20 min­utes, and I real­ly got into it: prob­a­bly too much, I pushed very hard for 20 min­utes, just bleed­ing off some of the frus­tra­tion of the past six months. I’ll have to real­ly scale it back tomor­row, and I will like­ly pay for it lat­er this evening, but for now I feel fantastic.

Kilometres (virtual)
0m 0s
Estimated Power
Cadence (rpm)

Fishing again!

My physio does not believe I will in any way injure myself if I do some light fish­ing from the bank, with a mate to help, so am look­ing for­ward to get­ting togeth­er with Stephen towards the end of the week to have a long-await­­ed ses­sion at Lake Wen­douree!! Stay tuned…

Restrictions/limits at this stage of my recovery

The restric­tions are very much the same as last week:

    • No bend­ing above the hip.
    • No lift­ing of any­thing more than 1kg.
    • No twist­ing at all. This one was described as Rule Numero Uno.
    • No sit­ting for more than 30 minutes.
    • When I am out of bed, I must wear a Don­Joy Duos­trap sup­port­ive lum­bar back brace.
    • Walk­ing often, lit­tle distances.

Spinal Rehabilitation Exercises: Stage 2

Exercise/ActivityWeek 7Week 8
Ham­string stretch supine10 each leg, 1s hold
2 sets
2× daily
10 each leg, 1s hold
2 sets
2× daily
Mini bridge6 reps, 1 sec hold
3 sets
2× daily
6 reps, 1 sec hold
3 sets
2× daily
Row pulls with resis­tance band: sin­gle arms10 each arm, 2 sets
2× daily
Row pulls with resis­tance band: both arms10 reps, 2 sets
2× daily
Squat and pull down with resis­tance band6 reps, 1 set
2 × daily


Lying on my back, bend­ing my leg at the hip and bring­ing my knee up towards my chest. Hold­ing my leg ver­ti­cal, extend the low­er leg to as straight as I can.

Lying on my back with bent knees, hold­ing my stom­ach core tight, then lift­ing my pelvis just a few cen­time­tres to acti­vate my glutes.

Hold­ing a resis­tance band at shoul­der height, pulling each arm back with my shoul­der blades, first alter­nat­ing arms then both arms together.

Hold­ing the resis­tance band at 90º angle to my body, push­ing my fists out at whilst squat­ting down as far as is com­fort­able, thrust­ing out my bum.

= New exer­cise intro­duced this week

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